Mission Statement

We are a Non-Profit LLC Club dedicated to promoting the art and sport of fencing for all ages through instruction, competition, and relentless practice!

Goals and Accomplishments

We are a young club with a great start! We have a solid base that includes thousands of dollars in equipment and a loyal membership, grounded with both competitive and non-competitive members. We have hosted youth, novice, and experienced level tournaments.

We are always looking to expand our facilities and equipment to complement our new location. We are not just a club—we are friends and family who share a passion for the great sport and tradition of fencing.

Club Rules

  1. A weapon is never raised or pointed at another person unless both are wearing the proper equipment—no exceptions!
  2. Proper equipment shall be worn at all times during any bouting or blade workouts.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings and of others in your area.
  4. Club equipment shall not be removed from the facility, for any reason, without prior approval from a staff member.
  5. After use all club equipment shall be returned to the proper bag or case in a neat fashion.
  6. Report any and all equipment failures or problems to a staff member immediately.
  7. No wild or careless use of weapons; no running or horse play.
  8. Please respect the electronic scoring equipment; be aware of proper use and ask if you have questions.
  9. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the sport.
  10. Refer to rule #1.

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